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Avant Interventional Psychiatry

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Effective treatment for individuals who are not responding to medication.

doctor with senior patientHave you been taking your medications for more than a month now and are still not observing improvements in your health? Do not worry. The best thing you can do is to talk to your doctor about your situation. This way, they can adjust your medication dosage or find other alternatives for your treatment. They can refer you to a Psychiatrist to help you get therapies that are heavily based on medications. They can recommend innovative treatments like TMS and counseling, among others.

Here are some of the things a Psychiatrist can consider to make sure that you’ll get the treatment that you need:

  • Your physical health
  • Your lifestyle
  • Your response to other treatments
  • Your prescribed medicines
  • Your adherence to prescriptions
  • Possibility of other mental conditions
  • And others

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