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Avant Interventional Psychiatry

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We specialize in interventional and integrative medical care for treatment-resistant, complex developmental, and comorbid psychiatric disorders. This includes patients with a dual diagnosis, co-occurring disorders, and severe persistent mental illness.

As medical professionals, we believe in the importance of integrating Psychological counseling to medical management. We prescribe various therapies and medicines to help them live better lives. Counseling and medications help people who are undergoing stress, and mental issues to find perspectives in their problems.Counseling is vital for the improvement of a person’s mental health because it empowers individuals and encourages them to express their thoughts and emotions. It is a collaborative effort between the therapist and the patient so they can determine issues that need to be addressed and helps the therapist and clients sort through them. Counseling also promotes goal setting, finding healthier coping skills, and encouraging positive behavioral changes.

Using counseling and medication management we can provide support for adult, geriatric, and adolescent populations; including patients with autism, dementia, trauma, developmental or physical disabilities, chemical dependence.

We also offer crisis intervention, stabilization, and relapse prevention and provide treatment for many mental health conditions. We specialize in:

  • Treatment Resistent Psychiatry
  • Telepsychiatry
  • Therapy
  • TMS
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