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What is TMS?
Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation or TMS uses electromagnetic fields to non-invasively (without the need for surgery or incisions) stimulate the brain to help treat depression.
Does my insurance cover TMS therapy and your other services?
We can partner with various insurance companies to make our services be accessible to more people. To determine if your insurance provider is one of them, please contact us through our given contact details or check our website to know more.
How do you determine suitable treatment for your clients?
We conduct assessments on the needs of our clients and them on their preferences and goals in undergoing treatment.
Do your clients have to undergo one kind of treatment only?
We take a holistic approach when providing our clients with the services that they need. Having this kind of approach could entail various forms of treatment will be given to them based on their needs.
Do I really have to undergo treatment if I have depression?
Depression is not synonymous to sadness. It is a Psychiatric disorder that needs to be treated. You can’t just expect it go away. With proper diagnosis and treatment, one will be able to cope with this disorder.
What do I do if I am not responding to my medications?
The safest way to do is to talk to your doctor about this. This way, they can do certain adjustments on your medications or recommend you to seek the help of a Psychiatrist.
How is counseling different from talking to a wise friend or loved one?
Therapists have the training and education to understand and assess a client’s situation. Their ability to avoid co-transference on their clients’ stories and problems enable them to remain objective.

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